#SoundtrackSunday Presents La'Porsha Renae

Each week, No More Martyrs hosts #SoundtrackSunday.  This is our form of music therapy.  Through #SoundtrackSunday, we post articles, songs and videos through our social media that spotlight certain artists and melodies that play on the soundtrack of our lives.  We recently had the great pleasure of meeting and interviewing La'Porsha Renae.  In 2016, La'Porsha came was runner-up on American Idol.  Fast forward to 2017 and she is now hitting the scene with new music featuring her soulful voice and meaningful lyrics.  Check out the full interview below:

The name of La'Porsha Renae's new album is 'Already All Ready'.  Follow her online and grab a copy of it soon.  Stay tuned for more #SoundtrackSunday interviews from No More Martyrs.